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How to upload file to ftp using C#(C-Sharp) – aspx,ashx and ajax

In this article, we are going to explain how to upload the file to FTP using C# Generic handler(.ashx), HTML and Ajax. Please follow the steps below In visual studio create a solution with empty web app with aspx project solution. Create a file called index.aspx by adding a new item to the solution, in aspx page add the below code Add jquery plugin to <head> tag section Add HTML form fields to upload a file At bottom add the ajax file upload ajax script. After this create a File…

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How to Capture Screenshot of a website Using ASP.Net

To Take a Screenshot of a website first you have to Create a Account in  Grabz.It and they will Provide you API keys to integrate it in your application. Then to use the API you will first need to create an instance of the GrabzItClient class, passing your application key and application secret from your GrabzIt account to the constructor. Then use one of the SetImageOptions, SetPDFOptions, SetAnimationOptions or SetTableOptions methods to request that the GrabzIt service take a screenshot of the URLpassed to it. Then use one of the following save methods. Notice…

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How to Use Multiple Forms in Single Page Using ValidationGroup

I was using a bootstrap modal to 2 different forms in Single aspx page. Here the Problem was there was 2 forms so obviously 2 buttons are there, and i have used asp validation also so there was a conflict between the 2 buttons to validate and submit the form. When i click Button1 it was validating the other buttons text field also. so to overcome from that use i got a solution From “ValidationGroup” Keyword, add this to all the asp input fields and button, group them as given below. By using ValidationGroup…

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