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How to configure SQL server to access it remotely

How to configure SQL server to access it remotely?, Actually this is not a big issue there are some straightforward steps to configure, but there might be a possibility of giving problem after configure using the same steps also. So go through the below steps carefully. To establish a successful remote connection is to set up ports through the Window Firewall. In SQL Server there are two types of instances. First is a default instance and the second is a named instance. To connect to the default instance of Database…

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CMS wordpress 

how to change the wordpress wp-admin url pathname

why hide/change wp-admin URL in WordPress? Because the hackers will keep on hitting the website and keep on trying to log in with fake login details and more over wp-admin is a default name given by WordPress and it is known to all who know about wordpress, so to secure the website from hackers we have to change the URL and it helps. To change WordPress wp-admin URL path just install ” WPS hide login ” plugin from plugins. WPS Hide Login is a very light plugin that lets you easily and safely change the URL of the…

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How to redirect HTTP to HTTPS url in Windows server

Step1: Goto Windows Server and open IIS(internet information service) and select the site to which you want the HTTP URL to be redirected to HTTPS URL. Step2: Then in Management Section of the Site selected, find “web platform installer” and double click to open, here search for “URL rewrite” keyword after listing that install that to you server IIS. Note: If, after installing URL rewrite didn’t appear under IIS, please close and reopen the IIS, it will list under IIS tab. Step3: Then double click URL rewrite and then click on…

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