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Get faster internet browsing experience with new DNS -

The DNS has a partnership with Cloudflare and APNIC, is introducing faster internet browsing experience. How much faster is this? AS DNS claim they are 28% faster than current speed. How to setup on my device?   Arjun JSArjun is is a web developer/designer, who is fond of the web. He lives in Manipal, Karnataka, India.

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All you need to know about big windows-10 update April 2018

After Microsoft decided not to change the future windows operating system names, here in 2018 on April 3oth they are coming up with a big update to their Windows 10 in the name of “The Windows 10 April 2018 update/Fall update”. Let’s check all the Major updates it got. Note: The April 2018 Update will be available as a free download beginning Monday, April 30. Timeline helps you easily find what matters to you across your devices The proliferation of devices, combined with the explosion of information, has led to an influx of…

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You have 10 days left to get Windows 10 for free

Microsoft’s Windows 10 upgrade offer is coming to an end next week. Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 users have exactly one 10 days to get Windows 10 for free as the offer ends on July 29. If you are yet to upgrade to Windows 10, you should probably upgrade right now, unless you want to pay $119 to upgrade later. So why should you upgrade to Windows 10? Here are 10 reasons why Microsoft thinks you should upgrade to Windows 10 right now: It’s fast and familiar (thanks to the return…

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