CSS CSS Library 

List of Responsive CSS Library

CSS Frameworks is one of useful  tool for faster and better development. With this a well structured, maintainable and up-gradable website can be Created. It also helps you save much on your time. 1.Bootstrap Bootstrap is a popular, modern front-end/UI development framework. It’s feature-packed and will have most of the things you’ll need for developing responsive sites and apps. Bootstrap has a 12-grid responsive layout, 13 custom jQuery plugins for common UIs like carousels and modal windows, a Bootstrap customizer, and more. Bootstrap is well-documented, and this open source project has plenty of coverage…

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Chat-window Bootstrap CSS HTML Javascript 

Chat window Functionality Using Jquery, and Style in CSS

Nowadays Chat in every website is becoming popular, so here is one Chat window Concept For your Website. You can integrate this in any Backend coding  and also with “WebRTC Chat Concept”. Step 1:First you need to include these Libraries – jquery and bootstrap Step 2: then include this Html Step 3: After HTML then include CSS for Style. Step 4: At last, But Most Important Javascript part should be included You can also download code from GITHUB : Click Here to Download Arjun JSArjun is is a web developer/designer,…

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On Scroll Fix the Header to Top HTML/CSS/Javascript

To Fix the Header to top Follow these Steps 1.Create a Div in Html as shown in the below code 2. then add CSS, to it Position:fixed is very important to fix the header. 3. Then add JS you can also use this too. If the trigger point is unknown but should be whenever the sticky element reaches the top of the screen, offset().top can be used. then you can use the JS. . DEMO :http://jsfiddle.net/gxRC9/502/ Arjun JSArjun is is a web developer/designer, who is fond of the web. He…

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