Integration Javascript Payment Gateway 

How to integrate Razorpay checkout using javascript

Razorpay has provided really cool and simple stuff to integrate, They have documentation and integration kit to almost all the major platforms like, in web -for all major CMS tools like WordPress, opencart, etc and web programming languages like javascript, nodejs, PHP, c# etc and mobile platforms like Android and IOS. So nowadays Razorpay is becoming popular in India. the implementation is simple and straightforward  Goto razorpay website and register your self after that immediately you will be enabled with the testing mode. Then find Test APIs creation link and create one test API…

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Email PHP 

How to enable domain to send mail through PHP mail() script in CPanel

Yes! we faced this problem many times because previously in CPanel through PHP mail() function you could send mail within a domain. for example, using mail() script you could have sent mail from [email protected] to [email protected] but now if your hosting company has enabled third-party mail delivery through PHP mail() script then you have to follow one simple step to send emails from your PHP mail script to third-party mail services like Gmail, Yahoo or outlook. After creating your email with your domain name you have to register the email which…

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Integration Payment Gateway 

How to Integrate instamojo to opencart

First download the Instamojo Payment gateway plugin from opencart extension marketplace. Click here to Download (NOTE: please download only the desired version of plugin according to the opencart version installed) Then, if you have setup the FTP setting in opencart settings panel, Then You can GOTO->Extensions->Extensions Installer and upload the instamojo zip file there. If you have no setup the Ftp settings in open then. GOTO you cpanel/you desired the place where opencart is installed and just copy the content like (admin/catalog/system) folder in opencart root directory. After successful copy/install in admin Panel GoTo ->Extensions->there filter…

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sendinblue logo C#(cSharp) Email Integration PHP 

How to Integrate Sendinblue Transactional Email

Send in Blue is one of the good campaign, Marketing, and Transactional Email integration system. Features of Send in Blue are: In Free Service only You Can Send 9000 emails/Month and there is no contacts limit to send (can send to 9000 unique contacts). Per day you can send 300 Email and 40 emails /hr, this may increase/decrease based the reputation you get from sendinblue. it is purely judge based on the emails you send. This all above is applicable if you are using a free version, if it’s an upgraded…

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Integration Payment Gateway PHP 

CCAvenue payment integration using PHP

CCavenue payment gateway is simple to integrate and the following are things you need before integrating. We need a merchant id and working for implementing payment gateway These two details will be given by CCavenue They use a redirect model for payment ie the user will be rediected to there site for making the payment Before for sending the details to CCavenue we need to save the details so that we can verify the details after the payment we need to generate a signature(checksum) that is it contain some details like amount,…

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