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Google API to Calculate a Distance in PHP / Mysql

I actually had a hard time finding some of the Geographic calculations to find the distance between two locations so I wanted to share them here. If you remember ‘the old days’ of calculating a distance between two points, it was simply the hypotenuse of a triangle (A² + B² = C²). That’s an interesting start but it doesn’t apply with Geography since the distance between lines of latitude and longitude are not an equal distance apart. As you get closer to the equator, lines of latitude get further apart.…

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How to Create a Secure Login Script in PHP and MySQL

1.Create a MySQL database. Log into your database as an administrative user (usually root) In this guide we will create a database called “secure_login”. See how to Create-a-Database-in-Phpmyadmin. You can either use the code below or do the same thing in phpMyAdmin/your favourite GUI MySQL client, if you prefer: 2. Create a user with only SELECT, UPDATE and INSERT privileges. Creating a user with restricted privileges means that if there was ever a breach of security in our script the hacker couldn’t delete or drop anything from our database. Using…

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