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Getting Started With NodeJS

The world of Web development is segregated as Front-End and the Back-End. Server-side scripting, a technique used in web development that employs scripts on a web server producing a response customized for each user’s (client’s) request to the website. There are a number of server-side scripting languages available – ASP.NET, Java, Python, Perl, PHP, NodeJS, etc. In fact, Node is one of the most popular server side scripting languages in recent times with large scale companies implementing it. Node.js Node JS is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment for executing JavaScript code server-side.…

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Difference between NFC and MST-samsung pay

Near Field Communication (NFC) It allows two devices placed within a few inches of each other to exchange information by tapping one device to other. If merchants want to use NFC for communication they have to upgrade their current Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) It sends a magnetic signal from a compatible device to the payment terminal’s card reader. MST payments do not require the merchant to upgrade the payment terminal, making Samsung Pay available for use at nearly all payment terminals with a card reader. Some payment terminals may require…

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Top Technology Myth’s Debunked

There was a time when development in technology happened at snail’s pace. You blink, and you miss it is the pace at which current development takes place. As someone said, Yesterday’s standard operating procedure is tomorrow’s mistake. And what used to be good advice for avoiding danger might not be relevant anymore. In our daily life, we have heard many technology myths and blindly follow them too, but here are some of them which we would like to debunk. Top Technology Myths: Charging Phones, laptops after 100% charge will reduce battery…

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