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Top Technology Myth’s Debunked

There was a time when development in technology happened at snail’s pace. You blink, and you miss it is the pace at which current development takes place. As someone said, Yesterday’s standard operating procedure is tomorrow’s mistake. And what used to be good advice for avoiding danger might not be relevant anymore.

In our daily life, we have heard many technology myths and blindly follow them too, but here are some of them which we would like to debunk.

Top Technology Myths:

  1. Charging Phones, laptops after 100% charge will reduce battery life: No company has mentioned about this in their user manual that charging more than 100% will affect the battery life. Actually in all the modern devices after 100% charge, the device battery stops receiving the power. So don’t worry about this.
  2. Private Browsing keeps you anonymous: Private browsing is the preferred mode of operating the browser for browsing certain websites. The misconception is that it keeps us anonymous. What it does is that it ensures the history and browser cache is not stored.
  3. Higher the MegaPixel, Better the camera: This misconception mainly arises because of the marketing strategy applied by the camera and mobile manufacturers that hoodwink us. Yes, megapixels matter, but that does not decide everything.
  4. Third party chargers: There is a difference between a fake and a genuine third party charger manufacturer. As long as you are aware of this, your Phone doesn’t care.
  5. Closing Smartphone Apps Saves Battery: A known fact about smartphones is that it can multitask. We assume that apps running in the background consume battery, but according to iOS developer Fraser Speirs, for instance, when you hit an iPhone’s Home button, an app moves from active to background to suspended in a matter of seconds. Suspended, an app draws neither processing nor battery power.

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