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Instagram introduces Live video and disappearing messages

After Instagram copied Snapchat and then differentiated itself by adding Boomerangs, mentions, and URLs, now the company is at it again. Live Video on Instagram Stories Starting today, the company is rolling out ephemeral Live video and messages. The first is arguably the most interesting addition and brings one of Facebook’s big features to the photo sharing app. When you’re creating a story, you’ll soon be able to swipe over to a new ‘Live’ button, offering a way for users to hop into a live stream. When someone starts streaming,…

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New algorithm Which identifies the depressed individuals by their Instagram photos

  One of the curious things about color is that we associate it with emotions. Intuitively, we tend to link darker, grayer colors with negative moods and brighter, lighter colors with positive ones. Indeed, researchers have found that people suffering from depression prefer darker colors. That raises the fascinating possibility that it might be possible to diagnose depression  en masse by analyzing the photos people post to social-media sites such as Instagram. But how reliable could such an approach ever be? Today, we get an answer thanks to the work…

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