sendinblue logo C#(cSharp) Email Integration PHP 

How to Integrate Sendinblue Transactional Email

Send in Blue is one of the good campaign, Marketing, and Transactional Email integration system. Features of Send in Blue are: In Free Service only You Can Send 9000 emails/Month and there is no contacts limit to send (can send to 9000 unique contacts). Per day you can send 300 Email and 40 emails /hr, this may increase/decrease based the reputation you get from sendinblue. it is purely judge based on the emails you send. This all above is applicable if you are using a free version, if it’s an upgraded…

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mobile-device-detection-in-php PHP 

How to Detect Mobile Browsers and Redirect site in PHP

Nowadays responsive designs are must for better display of the websites and all prefer to use it. So in this, We have used a PHP class Mobile-Detect it uses the User-Agent string combined with specific HTTP headers to detect the mobile environment. Get this class file from GitHub. index.php Contains PHP code to detect device and redirect if the device is mobile or tablet.   PHP with Ajax multiple file upload   Arjun JSArjun is is a web developer/designer, who is fond of the web. He lives in Manipal, Karnataka, India.…

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Ajax PHP 

PHP with Ajax multiple file upload

Please go through the following steps to implement PHP with Ajax multiple file upload. Step 1: Create a file called index.php and add below codes Step 2: First create folder called “images”, and then create 2nd file  called upload.php Click here for github file Repository Arjun JSArjun is is a web developer/designer, who is fond of the web. He lives in Manipal, Karnataka, India.

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Asp-net BackEnd Programming C#(cSharp) 

How to Capture Screenshot of a website Using ASP.Net

To Take a Screenshot of a website first you have to Create a Account in  Grabz.It and they will Provide you API keys to integrate it in your application. Then to use the API you will first need to create an instance of the GrabzItClient class, passing your application key and application secret from your GrabzIt account to the constructor. Then use one of the SetImageOptions, SetPDFOptions, SetAnimationOptions or SetTableOptions methods to request that the GrabzIt service take a screenshot of the URLpassed to it. Then use one of the following save methods. Notice…

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MS SQL Server BackEnd Programming MS SQL Server SQL 

Stored Procedure Vs Function in MS SQL Server

Stored Procedure: A set of SQL Queries which are used to perform a specific task. A stored procedure can improve the performance of a database. Function: A  set of SQL Queries which can be used to pass parameters into and return values from it. Difference: Sl.No Stored Procedure Function 1 Compiled only once Complies every time the function is invoked 2 Input and Output Parameters are permitted Only input parameters are permitted 3 Need not necessarily return a value A return value is necessary 4  A Function can be invoked…

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Asp-net BackEnd Programming 

How to Use Multiple Forms in Single Page Using ValidationGroup

I was using a bootstrap modal to 2 different forms in Single aspx page. Here the Problem was there was 2 forms so obviously 2 buttons are there, and i have used asp validation also so there was a conflict between the 2 buttons to validate and submit the form. When i click Button1 it was validating the other buttons text field also. so to overcome from that use i got a solution From “ValidationGroup” Keyword, add this to all the asp input fields and button, group them as given below. By using ValidationGroup…

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API's MySql PHP Web API 

Google API to Calculate a Distance in PHP / Mysql

I actually had a hard time finding some of the Geographic calculations to find the distance between two locations so I wanted to share them here. If you remember ‘the old days’ of calculating a distance between two points, it was simply the hypotenuse of a triangle (A² + B² = C²). That’s an interesting start but it doesn’t apply with Geography since the distance between lines of latitude and longitude are not an equal distance apart. As you get closer to the equator, lines of latitude get further apart.…

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Integration Payment Gateway PHP 

CCAvenue payment integration using PHP

CCavenue payment gateway is simple to integrate and the following are things you need before integrating. We need a merchant id and working for implementing payment gateway These two details will be given by CCavenue They use a redirect model for payment ie the user will be rediected to there site for making the payment Before for sending the details to CCavenue we need to save the details so that we can verify the details after the payment we need to generate a signature(checksum) that is it contain some details like amount,…

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How to Create a Secure Login Script in PHP and MySQL

1.Create a MySQL database. Log into your database as an administrative user (usually root) In this guide we will create a database called “secure_login”. See how to Create-a-Database-in-Phpmyadmin. You can either use the code below or do the same thing in phpMyAdmin/your favourite GUI MySQL client, if you prefer: 2. Create a user with only SELECT, UPDATE and INSERT privileges. Creating a user with restricted privileges means that if there was ever a breach of security in our script the hacker couldn’t delete or drop anything from our database. Using…

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