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Microsoft New Products and Updates Released

This year’s Microsoft event was the most exciting and well-rounded in recent history. And in case you missed any of it, we’ve got you covered. Windows 10 The connection is the name of the game for the latest Microsoft update. From connecting with other users in your life via its MyPeople taskbar app to an SMS Relay feature that allows you to view and reply to texts from your laptop, sharing content is the main focus. 3D visualization One of Microsoft’s most exciting announcements is the upcoming Creators Update and…

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Microsoft HoloLens will support new Windows 10 PC Next year

Microsoft HoloLens With the amount of muscle required to utilize HTC’s Vive or Oculus’ Rift, we might still be a few years away from penetrating the mainstream virtual reality market. Microsoft has other plans. Today at Intel’s developer conference, Windows chief Terry Myerson announced a partnership with Intel that will make all future Windows 10 PC’s capable of supporting (at least) mixed reality applications on the HoloLens. “All Windows 10 PCs next year will include a holographic shell,” Myerson said. Holographic shell, in case you were wondering, is the operating…

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You have 10 days left to get Windows 10 for free

Microsoft’s Windows 10 upgrade offer is coming to an end next week. Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 users have exactly one 10 days to get Windows 10 for free as the offer ends on July 29. If you are yet to upgrade to Windows 10, you should probably upgrade right now, unless you want to pay $119 to upgrade later. So why should you upgrade to Windows 10? Here are 10 reasons why Microsoft thinks you should upgrade to Windows 10 right now: It’s fast and familiar (thanks to the return…

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