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how to change the wordpress wp-admin url pathname

why hide/change wp-admin URL in WordPress? Because the hackers will keep on hitting the website and keep on trying to log in with fake login details and more over wp-admin is a default name given by WordPress and it is known to all who know about wordpress, so to secure the website from hackers we have to change the URL and it helps. To change WordPress wp-admin URL path just install ” WPS hide login ” plugin from plugins. WPS Hide Login is a very light plugin that lets you easily and safely change the URL of the…

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Hosting Windows Windows Server 

How to redirect HTTP to HTTPS url in Windows server

Step1: Goto Windows Server and open IIS(internet information service) and select the site to which you want the HTTP URL to be redirected to HTTPS URL. Step2: Then in Management Section of the Site selected, find “web platform installer” and double click to open, here search for “URL rewrite” keyword after listing that install that to you server IIS. Note: If, after installing URL rewrite didn’t appear under IIS, please close and reopen the IIS, it will list under IIS tab. Step3: Then double click URL rewrite and then click on…

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Integration Payment Gateway 

How to Integrate instamojo to opencart

First download the Instamojo Payment gateway plugin from opencart extension marketplace. Click here to Download (NOTE: please download only the desired version of plugin according to the opencart version installed) Then, if you have setup the FTP setting in opencart settings panel, Then You can GOTO->Extensions->Extensions Installer and upload the instamojo zip file there. If you have no setup the Ftp settings in open then. GOTO you cpanel/you desired the place where opencart is installed and just copy the content like (admin/catalog/system) folder in opencart root directory. After successful copy/install in admin Panel GoTo ->Extensions->there filter…

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News Tech News 

New safety app from Google share your location with loved ones

Google is making it easier for your close friends and family to keep track of you with its new Trusted Contacts app for Android. The idea is simple: assign some of your contacts as “trusted” and they’ll be able to request your location and see your current activity status. If you don’t respond to a location request within five minutes, it will be automatically shared with these contacts. It’s basically Google’s version of the Weasley clock in Harry Potter. The general idea is to be able to make sure loved…

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India has built the world’s largest solar power plant

Following eight months of construction, India has finished building its new solar power farm in Kamuthi which will replace California’s Topaz Farm as the world’s biggest solar plant. The massive facility packs 648 megawatts, which should suffice to power over 150,000 homes, and consists of 2.5 million solar modules, 576 inverters, 154 transformers as well as 6,000 kilometres of cables. The solar plant spreads over 2,500 acres (or 10 square kilometres) of land and cost a total of $679 million to build. By comparison, Topaz Farm, which can generate up…

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Youtube News Tech News 

YouTube to introduce 4K live streaming

YouTube is increasingly regarded as a streaming platform in its own right. It’s swiftly catching up with more established players (a cough Twitch a cough) and is adding new features at a break-neck pace. Now, it’s brought 4K streaming to the platform. Starting from December 1, it’ll be possible for streamers and content creators to broadcast themselves in a resolution four times as detailed as standard 1080p. YouTube is launching the feature with a bang and plans to stream tomorrow’s Game Awards in full 4K goodness, starting at 3PM PST…

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Youtube Extensions 

Some of the Chrome Extensions for youtube

There are many Chrome Extensions are there for youtube, but some of the useful extensions are listed below: 1. Musixmatch Lyrics for YouTube:  Musixmatch is the world’s largest lyrics platform – where you can search, enjoy, and share lyrics from any track, anywhere in the world. Musixmatch’s lyrics catalogue is created, synched, and translated by millions of contributors from the Musixmatch community. The final version of the lyrics is edited and validated by a team of international curators. Users can connect Musixmatch with Spotify, Apple Music, and dozens of other music…

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instagram logo News Tech News Uncategorized 

Instagram introduces Live video and disappearing messages

After Instagram copied Snapchat and then differentiated itself by adding Boomerangs, mentions, and URLs, now the company is at it again. Live Video on Instagram Stories Starting today, the company is rolling out ephemeral Live video and messages. The first is arguably the most interesting addition and brings one of Facebook’s big features to the photo sharing app. When you’re creating a story, you’ll soon be able to swipe over to a new ‘Live’ button, offering a way for users to hop into a live stream. When someone starts streaming,…

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News Tech News 

Twitter brings its live video app to Android TV

Twitter has been making the big push into video this year, striking deals with broadcasters for live content, including sports and the US elections. Now Twitter is bringing live video to Android TV. The company already launched live video apps for Apple TV, Amazon’s Fire TV, and the Xbox One, but apparently Android TV was just deemed important enough as well. It’s NFL deal for streaming Thursday night games is likely the most notable bit of live content on right now, but as Android Police points out, the league is…

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microsoft-logo News Tech News 

Microsoft starts powering its Wyoming datacentre entirely with Wind Energy

Microsoft said its Cheyenne datacentre in Wyoming will now be powered entirely by 237 megawatts of wind energy. “Our commitment extends beyond greening our own operations because these projects help create a greener, more reliable grid in the communities in which we operate,” Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer, said in a Microsoft blog post on Monday. “That’s why we are announcing our largest wind energy purchases yet – 237 megawatts of wind energy – that will allow our datacenter in Cheyenne, Wyoming to be powered entirely by wind…

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